Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I was waiting to pick up my mum from the health center when i first saw Dave, he was sat with fellow drinking partners Roy,Paul,Stretch,Booff and a real loud singing guy called Warner whome for the life of me i could not understand a word he was saying. I started to chat to Dave sixty three years young originaly from Liskeard, in between swigs of vodka and special brew he told me about himself and stretch getting a walk on part in the tv show Skins.. £40 for the day out and free food, most of which he still had crammed into the pockets of his full length jacket, i cant wait to see that episode !!He went on to tell me how his favourite drinking spot a tree down on the main road had been taken over by an ex mate of his he didn't talk to anymore... soooo i suggested we take a walk down to the tree a and take a pic of him infront of the tree, man he was chuffed with the idea !. we walked at a slow pace to the tree, Dave is very unstable on his feet and needs is aided by a walking stick it took a good ten minutes to walk to the tree that was only a mere one hundred meters away..as we approached the tree Dave was smiling from ear to ear to see nobody sitting in his spot.. we took a few photos then left quick time as Dave said his ex mate was was an angry guy and he didn't want to be around when he returned..so we slowly wandered back up the street happy as kids with a bag full of candy.he can't wait for me to take him the prints and i can't wait to take him the prints...both content !

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