Thursday, 8 October 2009

Goliath..xmas 08

This is Pol, aka..Goliath !...He is a giant of a man, while i was sat on a bench having an in depth chat about life, and his role in it , when i suddenly realized that i knew him many years ago.Back in his heyday he was a bouncer on the doors of many an establishment i frequented..many Bristol locals would remember him from the Thekla, late eighties early nineties, as the dominating figure on the door.He then went on to explain that he was also head of security at many famous Festivals like Glastonbury,Reading, Leeds etc etc...But !, because of the nature of clubs and festivals he ended up an alcoholic, drinking maybe thirty cans of strong larger a day !.so much of his time is spent sitting around on streets drinking allday.. however he does have a house, and a big house in the most sortafter part of Bristol, yet he spends most of his time on the streets.during our conversation he mentioned that he had enough of life atleast three times, this had me i said i would pass by and sit with him for a chat xmas eve.I know i was fueling his addiction but i bought him a couple of beers to say thanks for the photos, this put a beaming smile on his face, RESPECT he said !as i was leaving he called me back, he offered to repay my gift of beer with some old photography books he had.. i didn't want to take his books but i saw it as a chance to see him more over the lonely xmas period, if only to make sure he is well and happy..he is the most gental of giants with an honest heart.

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